15 Apr 2008

Once Expelled – Expelled Forever

This year’s proposal by the Ministry of Education regarding the entrance procedure to some faculties (journalism, law, international relations and customs law) caused different reactions from applicants and their parents. Excited and uncertain for not having any information about how the interview was to be conducted, thousands of future applicants went to the appointed universities last weekend. The first round of the “professional-psychological interviews” which are to decide who can enter the University or not, were held on April 5th and 6th. Generation.by suggested Franak Viachorka, a student who was recently expelled from the Faculty of Journalism at the Belarusian State University (BSU) to attend the interview. As a potential applicant he had the opportunity to see how the people who once accepted him to University and gave him excellent grades would evaluate him now, taking into account the political background of his recent expulsion.

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16 Feb 2008

New Expulsions in Belarus

Franak Viachorka, a youth activist and member of the National Council in the Board of the Belarusian Popular Front, was expelled from the Belarusian State University after he was not present in two exams due to his 15-day arrest.

January is a usual month for exams in Belarus. This is the time when students are rarely involved in anything but heavy studying and passing exams. Serious focus on passing exams is especially important as the belarusian system of education is rather strict. If a student fails an exam, he or she is given one more attemp to pass, but if the student does not success this leads directly to his or her expulsion. Continue reading…