17 Aug 2012

The exhibition ‘Freedom on the paper’ will be opened in Berlin throughout the whole summer

The exhibition presenting the art project ‘Freedom on the paper’ opened in the German capital on the 6th of July.

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19 Jan 2012

Postcard Series “Belarus is…”


Belarus is…

It is always interesting to see what people do with that knowledge you tell them about the Belarusian reality. Here is one nice example of a creative response from a young Israeli designer who has been dating a Belarusian woman in Prague and visited Belarus at the end of 2011.

Semion Bourakevich, the designer mentioned above, was so inspired by his relationship with a Belarusian that he prepared a series of postcards “Belarus is…” for his friends. The characters and style of the series are taken from the legendary chewing gum wrappers ”Love is…”. Not sure about other countries, but for CIS those images are part of the epoch since chewing gums were basically the symbol of democracy, they appeared in the USSR only at the end of the 80s. The series are signed both in Belarusian and English which makes the message clearer also for non-Belarusians. Still all the references are strongly Belarusian in their context. Let me know if you require an explanation to any of those.

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17 Jan 2012

The Immigration Question

It feels that in the past year the question that bothered Belarusians the most was “Is this the time for me to pack and leave?” We have just put behind the year 2011. But that year, being one of the most difficult the current generation can remember, raised a lot of questions to people of different walks of life.

The political and economic turmoil of 2011 made many people think that it is time to leave their naive ideals behind and move on (or away). Those commonly known as “silent majority” stumbled face to face with economic hardship and considered going somewhere with a less volatile exchange rate. This urge to leave cannot surprise anyone, it has its rational reason behind it. What I find more interesting is the fact that the thought of migrating became real to a lot of people who have always been politically and socially active, and insisted that leaving the country is somehow irresponsible and selfish, people who believed that as long as you don’t betray your ideals and values and work for the change of the authoritarian status quo there is no reason to leave. In a way, this type of thinking can be condensed to: Why should I leave when I know that I can make a change here and be happy in Belarus?

Belarusian Generation Y wants to immigrate abroad

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05 Apr 2011

Belarusian Model Wins Benetton Contest But Not UK Visa

Tatsiana Rineyskaya

One does not have to explain how visas complicate the lives of young people, especially those from ex-USSR. Many plans, challenges, hopes and dreams crashed into the visa wall around close but yet so distant Europe. Here is another story which will hopefully draw some attention to the visa problem of young people in Belarus.

A Belarusian model, Tatsiana Rineyskaya, was among 12 lucky ones selected out of 75000 contestants in Benetton’s last online competition to become the face of their ad campaign. Her online followers cheered for the model when her achievement became known – a self-made 23-year old from the Belarusian province made it to the global level! We tend to notice, praise and boast about those Belarusians who make our country recognizable by something different from politics.

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25 Mar 2011

Freedom on Paper

And it`s the (unofficial) Independence Day again (to revise the historical background see my earlier posting). The pro-democratically-set part of Belarus is congratulating each other on this occasion, however, this year more quietly and symbolically than usual.

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